Email Sequence Audit

You may want to scrap your email sequence entirely and write a new one. 

But what is the point in that if you have not yet analyzed and figured out why your current emails aren’t making you more money?

And let’s be honest, you’re already extremely busy with your hands full. 

Juggling multiple tasks.

Your time is better spent elsewhere than auditing your email sequences to see where they can be improved.

When you hire me to conduct an audit on your existing email sequence, you will find out what leaks in your emails are costing you money, and how to fix them.

How it’s done

Below is a list of points of what to expect during the email sequence audit:

  • You provide me with access to your ESP
  • Let me know which email sequence you want me to audit (there is a maximum of 15 emails per audit)
  • I will then get to know your ideal customers. I’ll research customer data, spot gaps, and then research to find the answers.
  • Once I'm done researching I will create a walkthrough video going through each email. I'll explain what works, what doesn’t and how you can fix it. You will also get a written document and transcript.
  • After you have reviewed the walkthrough video you will schedule a a 30-minute call
  • On the followup call I will answer any questions that you have and we can discuss any future collaborations

I charge Audits are $695 for an email sequence audit. Click below to reserve your spot on my calendar today.

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