Email Teardown: RepricerExpress Onboarding Email Sequence

For my first email teardown I will be evaluating the RepricerExpress onboarding email sequence.

I will list the pros and cons of each of the emails that I received over a 30 day time period from my initial signup.

I signed up for a 15-day free trial.

The emails I received looks like this:

That’s 6 emails over 30 days. Now I’ll look into the emails in more detail.

Email 1

The first email was sent from

The subject was “Welcome to RepricerExpress”.


  • Provides me with a video guide on how to learn the software
  • Provides me with some info about the company


  • I would like this email to come from the CEO or founder

Email 2


  • Introducing a team member earlier on in the sequence
  • Personalized email sent to me
  • Asking me a question – letting me know that my opinion matters

Email 3


  • The subject line matches the content of the email
  • The CTA also matches the subject line and content of the email


  • I’m not a fan of the numbers at the end of the subject line and I’m also not sure what they mean

Email 4


  • Maire has introduced herself in this email. Though I would have preferred her to let me know who she is when she first emailed me in the last email. She also has not mentioned her role at RepricerExpress, which I would like to know
  • Provided content on how to get started


  • Already mentioned the times to contact support in the previous time. This seems like a wasted opportunity that could have been used to engage free-trial members and convert them into paying customers by showing a feature highlight
  • Again, the numbers in the subject line look messy

Email 5


  • I like that Marie mentions how to “secure more buy box”. But a tutorial on how the software helps me do that, or some guides, would have been useful


  • More personalization. “Hi there” is not connecting for me. I would prefer that I was addressed by my first name
  • More info about how to contact support. I already know how to by this email and it is not helping me use their product

Email 6


  • Introduced to Ciaran, a new team member
  • Personalization: Ciaran mentions that I have not done anything to my account
  • Social proof is included
  • Offers me a free trial extension

Overall I like this email. Being offered a free trial extenstion is a great way to help onboard customers.

My Final Thoughts on the RepricerExpress Onboarding Email Sequence 

There are some good aspects to this email sequence, such as personalization, multiple team members and the fact that most of the emails are text-based.

However is so much room for growth. I would love to see some tutorials, use cases, feature highlights and an entire email dedicated to social proof.

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